I always strive to create portraits that reveal an authentic inner aspect of the individuals I photograph. In doing so, the image also reveals the degree of intimacy we co-create in a portrait session.

I find deep satisfaction in connecting to people to create images that reveal unique personalities and that allow the viewer to embrace the uniqueness of the person.  I believe the collaborative effort between photographer and subject is essential to producing portraits that resonate with the viewer. The goal we share is to create an authentic vision of a moment in time in which our common humanity is experienced by the person photographed, the photographer, and the viewer.

For me, a portrait session is about creating a sacred space in which the subject feels completely safe and secure in being who they are and are willing to reveal that to me and the world. I work quickly, intuitively, without preconceptions about poses, and never rush the session. I enjoy using music and movement to create an intensely personal yet transcendent connection that results in intimate images of people.


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