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            As noted earlier, I am drawn to abstractions of what we experience as reality.   Quantum theory, like abstract art, challenges our notion of reality.  Whether it is through manipulation of content or color, our sense of reality is changed when a “real” photograph is altered by dramatic color and transformation of shapes. 

Some of these images started out as “mistakes” or simply something I found interesting, but didn’t know why at the time I made the photograph.  That often happens to me to me as I make photographs intuitively.  Frequently I don’t know why I made an image until I see a contact print (in my darkroom years) or the image on a monitor.

Regardless of the reason for making the original image, I find the resulting abstractions of reality pleasing and often intellectually interesting. 


Prints are on archival fine art paper and canvas is mounted on stretcher bars.

                                                      Up to 8.5x11"         Up to 11x17"             Up to 13x19             Up to 17x22

Color Prints                                   $    75.00               $ 100.00                  $ 125.00                 $  150.00

Canvas                                          $  150.00               $  175.00                  $ 210.00                 $ 250.00 

Mounting on archival 

mat board with window mat        


A 25% discount is applied to duplicates.