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Color and B&W prints are on archival fine art paper and canvas is mounted on stretcher bars.                                                                              

Color & Monochrome            Canvas

Up to 8.5x11"     $   50.00      $ 125.00

Up to 11x17"       $  100.00      $ 150.00

Up to 13x19       $  125.00      $ 180.00

Up to 17x22      $  150.00      $ 225.00


A 25% discount is applied to duplicates.



I am drawn to abstractions of reality. 


Quantum theory, like abstract art, challenges our notion of reality.  Whether it is through manipulation of content or color, our sense of reality is changed when a “real” photograph is altered by dramatic color and transformation of shapes. 

Some images started out as “mistakes” or simply something I found interesting, but because I make photographs intuitively, I didn’t always know why I made the photograph.  


Then I see the image on a monitor.  Cracked wax from melted candles on an aluminum plate becomes a blue planet suspended in a shattered universe, a corner in a room becomes an ascending pyramid, and the moon a solitary soul in a field of blue surrounded by fire making me wonder, is the field expanding or shrinking?

Regardless of the reason for making the original image, I find the resulting abstractions of reality pleasing and often intellectually interesting.


Perhaps you will too.


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