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The first time I went to Burning Man was 2007, the year after my wife died from ALS.  In 2008 I returned and started making portraits for a book I wanted to create to accomplish three goals:  

  1. Reveal the diversity of people participating in Burning Man,

  2. Contribute profits to the Temple projects, and

  3. Dedicate the book to my late wife who, in the last year of her life, urged me to go the following year.   


I thought it would take a couple of years to complete the book.  Eight years and 60,000 images later I published BURNERS.


With a few exceptions, all of the portraits were made my tent studio at Center Camp.


Twenty-six of the portraits from the book appear in the Smithsonian's show "No Spectators:  The Art of Burning Man" which appeared in Washington D.C., Cincinatti, OH, and Oakland, CA.

  The Independent Book Publishers Association awarded BURNERS the bronze medal for coffee table books.

Price:  $75

Book Details:  Cloth hardcover, 10x12", 

                         176pp, 172 images

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