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My interest in landscape and architectural photography predates my focus on portrait photography.  Still, there are parallels between the two interests.


I respond to the environment in the same way I respond to the people I photograph.  Something “out there” catches my eye and I’m drawn to it.  I let the emotion pull me in until I’m close enough to feel what “it” is and create an image that might reveal that feeling to a viewer.

In my portraiture I seek to reveal  a deeply compelling aspect of the person.  Similarly, in my landscapes, I often search for what Edward Weston called the “beauty of the thing itself,” something unadorned by color, something in that ineffable instant that I choose to make the exposure that might result in an image of a moment in time and make it timeless.

And, sometimes color works too.


Color and B&W prints are on archival fine art paper and canvas is mounted on stretcher bars.                                                                              

Color & Monochrome            Canvas

Up to 8.5x11"     $   50.00      $ 125.00

Up to 11x17"       $  100.00      $ 150.00

Up to 13x19       $  125.00      $ 180.00

Up to 17x22      $  150.00      $ 225.00


A 25% discount is applied to duplicates.


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