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When I discovered in Photoshop ways to radically change the colors in a digital image, new vistas opened for me to explore.  I began to express my vision of the landscape as an abstract painter might.

Black and white photographs are inherently abstract and usually dramatic representations of reality.  By shifting colors from the real to the unreal, I started seeing color differently, it could be as powerful as black and white.


 I now see color as a different way to interpret the natural and man-made landscape.  I these images color is the focus, not the scene itself.

Dramatic colors, often in combination with painterly programs that have evolved over the past few years, have given me a new way of expressing what I find interesting in landscape photography.  


Color and B&W prints are on archival fine art paper and canvas is mounted on stretcher bars.                                                                              

Color & Monochrome            Canvas

Up to 8.5x11"     $   50.00      $ 125.00

Up to 11x17"       $  100.00      $ 150.00

Up to 13x19       $  125.00      $ 180.00

Up to 17x22      $  150.00      $ 225.00


A 25% discount is applied to duplicates.


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