Creating a portrait is like a dance.   When my partner feels safe in my arms—and in front of the lens—the masks hiding us from each other fade.  We move, pulse and pause to the rhythm we create.  The music—and silence—stimulates our movements. As we sense, learn to trust, and play with the exchange of energy between us, the person is revealed.  Sometimes I lead, more often my partner does.


When photographing couples and groups, I focus on the exchange of energy between them.  I become a trusted confidant, stimulating, observing and recording the energy between or among them. 

The portraits reveal my co-creator’s spirit and the energetic relationships among couples and groups. I feel souls touch.  That’s when the session becomes magical.  The results range from comedic to sensual.  We reveal the person or group’s genuineness for a moment in time…. for others to see—now and in the future. 

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